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Foreign Service Registry

An online registration for chiropractors interested in foreign practice. There are currently over 1250 registrants expressing interests in over 100 different countries. Coaching services are available as opportunities develop to assist doctors in preparing for their practices abroad.

Chiropractic Schools Greenhouse Project

To catalyze formation of a consortium of individuals, institutions and organizations contributing their respective expertise to prepare suitable candidates for teaching assignments abroad and to assist in the development of the foreign chiropractic association’s ability to interest a local university and have the preparations in place to fill the school with candidate student chiropractors.

Worldwide Mission Listings

Interested in short-term chiropractic humanitarian missions? Check our master list of mission events.

Global Professional Strategy

Chiropractic “GPS” is a booklet designed to inform the prospective International DC about the major issues and topics that can help them form their own ideas about when and where to locate the right coordinates for their practice in a foreign country. It is also valuable to policy makers in chiropractic in evaluating the level of growth in their country and what steps to take to reach the next growth stage.

Global Chiropractic Statistics

Find statistics on all countries where there are known practicing DCs with contact information to assist in the planning of a foreign practice.

Chiropractic Access to Marginalized Populations

C.A.M.P. – Our Domestic Community Development projects supports Dr. Gary Auerbach’s initiative to address access barriers to chiropractic care for minority populations, in particular Native Americans. Partnering with American DCs, especially those who have Native American heritage, to meet the needs of these people in their communities.